Shoots is a Diesel powered 1982 Volkswagen Vanagon with a schnazzy Country Homes Camper conversion. With Shoots, it’s all about cruising in funky 80’s style. This little beach house on wheels is the only one of vans that sports a queen size bed and a refrigerator. It is of course fully kitted out with a assortment of our “good time” necessities as well.

Your bus is equipped with the following:
• pot and pan
• silverware
• small colander
• cutting board
• mixing bowl
• food storage containers
• tinfoil
• plastic wine glasses
• plates
• bowls
• wine opener
• small whisk
• can opener
• kitchen towel
• mixing spoon
• spatula
• tongs
• paper towels
• scissors
• windex
• dish soap
• sponge Bed
• fuzzy blanket
• fitted sheet
• flat sheet
• pillows and cases
• bath towels
• washcloths
• toilet paper
• beach bag
• beach towels
• beach chairs
• beach umbrella
• cooler And Beyond
• AM/FM/CD player
• Deck of cards
• Oahu Revealed tour book
• map of Oahu
• lantern
• flashlight
• headlamps
• fire extinguisher
• propane stove
• 5 gallon fresh water supply
• DC USB adapter
• battery booster pack
• first aid kit
• boogie boards
• adult snorkel gear

All of the above are optional and can be omitted. Some Items May Change Without Notice.

As you can see, this is stress free camping. We have been camping for a long time and we know what you need to be the most comfortable when you’re far from home. If you feel we have forgotten something, we will be happy to try to accommodate you. You will not really need to pack much for your adventure-all you need is a bathing suit, some shorts, and a hoodie and you’ll be good to go!